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B-ECO — a new generation fuel catalyst. Suitable for gasoline, diesel, gas. Engine protection from low-quality fuel increased engine life and consumables, fuel economy up to 30%

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The best way to protect the engine from bad fuel and save money for motorists and transport companies

~ up to 10% increased enginge power by reducing detonation and more complete fuel combustion
~ up to 15% economy due to the safe transition to AI92 gasoline
~ up to 30% economy by reducing the cost of candles and other materials
~ up to 35% reduction of fuel consumption with regular use , the effect of de - coking occurs the mobility of piston rings in the piston grooves is restored
~ up to 300% increases the service life during the burning of activated fuel, cleans and restores the functionality of the catalyst itself and oxygen sensors

How the fuel catalyst is used and works B-ECO?

01 Add a catalyst

apply before refueling the car at the gas station in the filling gun or the neck of the tank, at the rate of 1 tablet per 100 liters of fuel.

02 Pour fuel

when FUEL8GIFT is added to any kind of fuel, it is activated by the catalytic system

03 Let it dissolve

the catalyst dissolves almost instantly and activates the fuel within 1-3min

04 Power up to 10%

the engine power increases, since the fuel activated by catalysts has a higher efficiency of combustion

05 Savings of up to 25%

by optimizing and redistributing the combustion process of fuel burning

06 Reserve

the fuel activated by the catalyst does not lose its properties, even when the car is not used for a long time

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3 reasons to buy a catalyst for your equipment

01 Economy 02 Effectiveness 03 Ecology

The catalyst is perfectly suitable for various types of equipment

01 Passenger transport 02 Water transport 03 Agricultural machinery 04 Railway transport 05 Passenger transport 06 Cargo transport

B-ECO suitable for any domestic, imported and warranty vehicles


Type of fuel
Ai92 Ai95 Ai98 DT GAS

Let's take care of the environment together


Reduces exhaust smoke, reduces CO emissions to 80%

Normalizes exhaust gases, reducing the formation of CO, CH and soot to the Euro 5 Standard